Kinessa Johnson

Normally, I don’t put a whole lot of stock into women combat soldiers… unless they’re IDF.  Every once in a while, a truly motivated vaginally-enabled hard-charger shows up.  I do believe these female bad ass’s deserve their due recognition.  Especially when they’re tattooed and as hot as this one.  I give you former US Army soldier turned poacher-hunter Kinessa Johnson. [&hellip

Kinessa-Johnson-6 Kinessa-Johnson-6

When you absolutely, positively want a motherf**ker dead.

I’m a little concerned about misfeeds, and the deep penetration of the slug-core, and the fragments (Which could be reduced by taking the sharp tips off them)…. but this round is pretty much designed to dig deep and do as much damage in all directions as possible…. I definately would not wanna be on the recieving end of one of [&hellip

Damn Damn

Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton… where are you when you’re needed?

There was a horrific race crime committed, involving a Ex-Military/Trained killer and 2 black kids….. Yet I don’t see the race baiters making any comments on TV… Maybe that’s because the victim was a defenseless 88yo WWII combat veteran who was wounded during the assault on Okinawa. His crime… peacefully getting out of his car and walking the 30 feet [&hellip

120116_jesse_jackson_reuters_328 120116_jesse_jackson_reuters_328

Star Trek – Into Darkness

Now I’m a die hard “Star Trek” fan… not a Trekkie… but I’ve watch every single episode of every Star Trek series made.. most of then 2-3 times or more. I absolutely LOVED the first movie, even though they totally screwed with the StarTrek time line, it was done in such a creative and awesome way that I was left [&hellip

star_trek_into_darkness-HD star_trek_into_darkness-HD

New gun control

Well our current “Coward in chief” and his cronies have been working hard to negate our Constitutional 2nd amendment under the typical liberal “It’s for our children” guise of protecting our population. I for one am a very strong believer in the 2nd amendment, but I do believe a little common sense should be employed. I look at gun usage/ownership [&hellip

Gun-Control-Obama Gun-Control-Obama
Jersey Shore

Another thing that is wrong with the youth of this country. Its like a day to day live action show about the guests of “The Jerry Springer Show”. And its finally ending. I guess Here comes Honey BooBoo is about to get a boost in viewers

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Happy Birthday Chesty… Wherever you may be.
Chesty Puller

Chesty Puller, the greatest US Marine that ever lived would have been 114 years old today. More info on the Baddest Marine that ever walked the face of the earth

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The 2nd Amendment.

“Democracy” has been defined as two wolves and a sheep discussing plans for lunch.” “Liberty” is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote

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Pedophile’s… Time to out them

I stumbled upon a website which looks like it’s in it’s infancy. Yet.. I see it as a wonderful site for victims of pedophiles. It’s called OUTMYPEDO.COM. A place where victims can tell their stories, share what happened to them and how it’s affected their lives. Plus possibly give people a idea of traits to look for in the people [&hellip

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You sir… may eat a dick.

Sometimes even the most liberal douchebag politician will shock you with the verbal diarrhea they spew from that hole under their nose.  Little bitches like this spit in the face of the very men who provide him his freedom to say and do what he does everyday.   People like this forget that although our founding fathers fought for and gave [&hellip

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Bin Laden… Burn in Hell!!!
Osama Bin Laden is dead

FINALLY!!!! A group of fire-pissing Navy Seals were deployed to a safe-house in Pakistan with intel stating that Public-Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden was there. The intel proved good. They put a bullet in his head, killed his son, took his body, computer, hard-drives, CD’s, etc and got out of there. He went out the same way he lived his [&hellip

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Upcoming royal wedding
Prince William Wedding

English Prince William is set to marry Catherine Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011.  I don’t follow the lives of celeb’s that much, but like everyone else in my age group.. I’ve watched Prince William grow from a baby into a man.  Always in the tabloids and TV.  Sadly.. he’s starting to look like his dad.  He was such a good looking kid [&hellip

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Sucker Punch
sucker-punch-cast (1)

This movie looked like 10 shades of awesome, yet I was still disappointed.  The previews were incredibly misleading.  After watching them… I got the impression that this poor girl gets sent to the insane asylum, and gets pulled into a strike force of bad ass chicks who enter a alternate reality and fight bad guys and monsters.  Kind of like [&hellip

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Fat office Liberals

So I’m at lunch talking with a older gentleman and we’re discussing immigration, crime, pussy-ass politicians, Sherrif Joe, etc…. I make a comment about the gang problems in LA and Phoenix, and how alot of the Mexican gangs in Phoenix use to be street gangs that protected their own blocks and didn’t cause too much problems. But over the past [&hellip

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MP3 File Sharing

Does everyone remember the days of Napster? Or for you Linux-dweebs GNapster?  When you could just nilly-willy share all your MP3’s, Movies, Japanese Lesbian Midget Scat-porn, or whatever else you had.  And man was it a unbridled source of everything that qualified as digital media.   Well.. those days are long gone.  Yet, MP3 sharing still goes on.. there are [&hellip

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