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Upcoming royal wedding
Prince William Wedding

English Prince William is set to marry Catherine Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011.  I don’t follow the lives of celeb’s that much, but like everyone else in my age group.. I’ve watched Prince William grow from a baby into a man.  Always in the tabloids and TV.  Sadly.. he’s starting to look like his dad.  He was such a good looking kid [&hellip

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Fat office Liberals

So I’m at lunch talking with a older gentleman and we’re discussing immigration, crime, pussy-ass politicians, Sherrif Joe, etc…. I make a comment about the gang problems in LA and Phoenix, and how alot of the Mexican gangs in Phoenix use to be street gangs that protected their own blocks and didn’t cause too much problems. But over the past [&hellip

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Douchebag Joeys

Being a photographer I sometimes work in clubs and bars on the weekends… Shooting drunk white people trying to dance and look cool while doing it. This usually end in failure.  Women have it lucky… all they have to be is cute… no one cares how they dance.  Men (usually white ones)on the otherhand… unless they can actually dance, look [&hellip

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