FINALLY!!!! A group of fire-pissing Navy Seals were deployed to a safe-house in Pakistan with intel stating that Public-Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden was there. The intel proved good. They put a bullet in his head, killed his son, took his body, computer, hard-drives, CD’s, etc and got out of there.

He went out the same way he lived his life. As a fucking coward.  Typical terrorist style… the most gutless, pussy-ass, bitch life that one can possibly live.   Terrorists tend to leave a bomb and run off.  That or brainwash some kid into wearing one into a crowd of innocent civilians.  But the so-called leaders are the gutless pussies.   They’ll hide behind women and shoot at soldiers so they can’t be shot at. Or put their center of operations in the middle of a group of schools, hospitals, etc.  Wherever they can make the biggest asses/nucensce without it truly putting themselves in danger.  Its easier to let women and children take the brunt of the danger… after all they look better on tv.

But I digress… So when the S.E.A.L.S. show up… Bin Laden was cornered using a woman as a human shield… they offered him the chance to surrender.. he declined, then he died.  Sadly so did they woman that he was using as a shield.