So I’m at lunch talking with a older gentleman and we’re discussing immigration, crime, pussy-ass politicians, Sherrif Joe, etc…. I make a comment about the gang problems in LA and Phoenix, and how alot of the Mexican gangs in Phoenix use to be street gangs that protected their own blocks and didn’t cause too much problems. But over the past 10 years alot of organized gang activity from LA has spilled into Phoenix. Recruitments and initiations such as murders, home invasions, etc have become alot more prevalent. Alot of these are from gangs that consist of illegal aliens who can commit crimes, then head back across the Mexican border never to be seen again.

All of a sudden this smug, ugly, fat bitch who couldn’t have been older than 25 gets up from her table walks over and interrupts our lunch and conversation.

If you two are going to continue to discuss politics, especially if it might be something offensive, please lower you voices or move to another table

I looked at my friend for a second in disbelief.. then looked back at her and decided that this sea-cow had it in her to go to H.R. and tell a story of 2 racist guys making racist comments and offending everyone in earshot… So I told her in a very disgruntled voice “I’ll try to keep my voice down”.

After said “Sea Cow” jiggled off to finish her bag of twinkies, 2 ham sandwiches and a diet coke… I looked back at him and said… “Notice I said illegal alien, and I refused to call them “Undocumented workers””

“Calling a illegal alien an “Undocumented Worker” is like calling a crack dealer a “Unlicensed Pharmacist”