Does everyone remember the days of Napster? Or for you Linux-dweebs GNapster?  When you could just nilly-willy share all your MP3’s, Movies, Japanese Lesbian Midget Scat-porn, or whatever else you had.  And man was it a unbridled source of everything that qualified as digital media.   Well.. those days are long gone.  Yet, MP3 sharing still goes on.. there are ton’s of other programs out there like Limewire, Bearshare, and the like.  And I strongly suggest you never use any of them… not because I’m concerned about the record companies not getting their share.. but you’re just asking for Virus’s and hackers.

Personally… I think we should be allowed to download every piece of music with a per-use timer on it… like you get to listen to it up to 10 times, then it no longer works.  If the music is worth a shit… then you can go buy the CD… but if it’s like 99% of the kak that is being passed off as music… you don’t buy it, the record label loses money for trying to pass off crap as actual music, and they’ll think again about flooding the market with crap disguised as music.  They’ll package it well, get some good graphics and artwork on the insert, and market the hell out of it… Polish a turd… it’s still a turd.

Think about this for a second.  When was the last time you bought a album that from beginning to end was nothing but great music.  And please any of you idiot teenagers, don’t reply, because you’d think that if Britney Spears or “My Chemical Romance” recorded themselves pissing in a tincan that it would be a great piece of art.  When was the last time you dropped $20.00 for a CD… took it home, listened to it and then thought to yourself “Wow.. that was worth every penny!!!!” ?  Sadly, it’s been a very long time for me. For me it was “Operation Mindcrime” By Queensryche.  There have been alot of good albums put out since then, that I’d still say were worth the money I spent on them.  But there is alot more that wish I had access to the band so that I could individually sack-punch each member and demand my $20.00 back and thank them for wasting 45minutes of my life by trying to find some redeeming value to the pile of shit they just release desguised as a piece of musical art.

Def Leppard has been one of my favorite bands since I was a kid, but everything they’ve put out since Hysteria has sucked.  Metallica… After the black album… they might has well been a house cover band.  It’s like WTF??? After you turn 40, do you have to surrender your testicles and your self-pride??? Go strong, or go home.  And as far as Queensryche goes… “Operation Mindcrime” was one of the greatest Hard-Rock/Heavy Metal albums ever created by anyone, “Empire” was pretty good… then everything they produced since that was absolute shit. Korn/ Marilyn Manson/ King Diamond/ Judas Priest/ Heart/ Fleetwood Mac/ Slayer/ Ozzy Osbourne/ etc.. these are musicians that constatly produce good music, and every album is a winner.  Can you say the same about the new band of the week?

When NIN released “With Teeth”… Trent Reznor promised it would be the greatest album he’s ever put out.  A close friend of mine is a T.R. nut… he could fart “Merry Christmas” and she’d think it was the best thing ever.  Well me with my extensive internet and computer knowledge… I knew where to download a copy of the album a few weeks before it was released.  She already had a copy and told me she had listened to it about 20 times already… So I decieded what the hell… I’ll give it a whirl… OMG what a waste… absolutely every song on it was some pretentious, whiney, near-EMO, piece of crap… I couldn’t stand it… I fast forwareded through every song hoping to find something redeeming… I failed.

A couple years later, T.R. released a new album and made it available as a free download from his website.  My friend and I discussed it… “See.. what a true artist he is… he’s giving it free to his fans… he truely cares.”  My response was “Actually it the least he could have done… I consider it a apology for that last steamy pile of monkey crap he released.”
So with all this said.. do I feel the slightest bit guilty for downloading muisc off the internet? No.  When the record compies start taking responsibilities for the products they put out and offer refunds for shitty music, then I’ll stop.  Every song in my iPod is ripped from CD’s that I bought.  The interent has saved me thousands of dollars by allowing me to listen to a CD before I wasted my money on it if it sucked.