This movie looked like 10 shades of awesome, yet I was still disappointed.  The previews were incredibly misleading.  After watching them… I got the impression that this poor girl gets sent to the insane asylum, and gets pulled into a strike force of bad ass chicks who enter a alternate reality and fight bad guys and monsters.  Kind of like “American McGee’s Alice” on steroids.   What this turned out to be was actual one girl have a instant multiple split personalities and coming up with this psychotic scenerio’s designed to help her cope with the reality of her own crumbling mind.

None of the girls in the movie are real.  Just avatars in the alternate reality of her mind.

The special effects were freaking fantastic, the fight scenes were very action packed.

Someone put a whole lot of effort and creativity into this.   I just wish they were a little more upfront with the marketing.   It would be like seeing the trailer for Star Wars… then windup with a 2 hour movie about the teenage nephew of a moisture farmer and how he fantisizes about one day meeting a girl and leaving the farm, only to find at the end of the movie, he’s still sitting there at the dinner table playing with his fork, and in actuality, nothing ever happened.  He’ll go to bed and wake up having to go work on the evaporators in the north field the next morning.   Or in the case of this movie… she gets a ice-pick taped into her brain and what limited amount of reality is still left to her is scrambled and she’s forever locked in her head thinking shes on a bus ride back to see her parents.