English Prince William is set to marry Catherine Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011.  I don’t follow the lives of celeb’s that much, but like everyone else in my age group.. I’ve watched Prince William grow from a baby into a man.  Always in the tabloids and TV.  Sadly.. he’s starting to look like his dad.  He was such a good looking kid when he was younger.  Now that he’s getting his dad’s receding hair line.. he’s not quite the looker he once was.   Overall he seems to be a good man.. served his country in the military, does charity work, is polite, etc.
Prince William

Catherine Middleton is absolutely beautiful. But then again I have a thing for brunette’s. She came from a humble background. Both her parents worked for British Airways in less than glamorous roles.  But they put her through college, and she seems to have grown into a nice woman in her own right.
Kate Middleton

But I do have my concerns here.  It really seems like she should hire a full-time body guard and security team.  She’s marrying into one of the sneakiest families to ever exist.  As much as I like England, and the people from there, I can’t help but not fully trust them as a government.  The British Crown has no official authority, but you’d have to be a complete idiot to think power isn’t wielded from the throne.

Marrying into the British Royal Family is like a woman getting involed with the Kennedy family.   Yeah.. everyone’s pretty, and they have lots of money and power.. but sooner or later, someones going to the emergency room, battered woman’s shelter, Alcoholics Anonymous, or wind up being pulled out of the backseat of a car that’s been underwater for 6 1/2 hours.  That or like her soon to be famous dead mother-in-law… be pulled out of a car that’s been wrapped around a underground tunnel support column.
Ted Kennedy, Murder, Asshole

With all that said… I do with them both best of luck.