Sometimes even the most liberal douchebag politician will shock you with the verbal diarrhea they spew from that hole under their nose.  Little bitches like this spit in the face of the very men who provide him his freedom to say and do what he does everyday.   People like this forget that although our founding fathers fought for and gave us our freedoms that we enjoy to this very day, its the 19yo kid with a M16  that’s scared out of his wits facing a enemy he doesn’t hate or understands that maintains our freedoms.   These kids do something this “Full of self” pus-bag, pussy-ass, piece of shit wouldn’t have the balls to do if his own children were at stake. Yet he hides behind the protection provided and maintained by our military and spits in their faces… because he can.  I think so many of these people would finally learn to STFU if it wasn’t illegal to face-punch people like this for saying stupid and truely offensive shit.

Massachusetts Law Professor Calls Care Packages for U.S. Troops ‘Shameful’