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Star Trek – Into Darkness

Now I’m a die hard “Star Trek” fan… not a Trekkie… but I’ve watch every single episode of every Star Trek series made.. most of then 2-3 times or more. I absolutely LOVED the first movie, even though they totally screwed with the StarTrek time line, it was done in such a creative and awesome way that I was left [&hellip

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Sucker Punch
sucker-punch-cast (1)

This movie looked like 10 shades of awesome, yet I was still disappointed.  The previews were incredibly misleading.  After watching them… I got the impression that this poor girl gets sent to the insane asylum, and gets pulled into a strike force of bad ass chicks who enter a alternate reality and fight bad guys and monsters.  Kind of like [&hellip

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The Punisher War Zone

Ok… first let me start off by stating that I am a HUGE punisher fan.. not so much all of the movies, but the comic books… Geek fact about AngryMarine … he’s a huge comic-book fan/collector. I have every single punisher comic ever printed… every title, and almost every single crossover. I have Punisher tattoos, porcelain Punisher Figurines, Punisher Posters, [&hellip

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