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Fat office Liberals

So I’m at lunch talking with a older gentleman and we’re discussing immigration, crime, pussy-ass politicians, Sherrif Joe, etc…. I make a comment about the gang problems in LA and Phoenix, and how alot of the Mexican gangs in Phoenix use to be street gangs that protected their own blocks and didn’t cause too much problems. But over the past [&hellip

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MP3 File Sharing

Does everyone remember the days of Napster? Or for you Linux-dweebs GNapster?  When you could just nilly-willy share all your MP3’s, Movies, Japanese Lesbian Midget Scat-porn, or whatever else you had.  And man was it a unbridled source of everything that qualified as digital media.   Well.. those days are long gone.  Yet, MP3 sharing still goes on.. there are [&hellip

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My thoughts on the Virginia Tech incident.

This is another shining example of what I like to call “The Pussification of the American Male”. First off, I’m pretty pissed off that the school didn’t alert the rest of the school that 2 people had been murdered by gunshots to the head, and the gunman is possibly loose on campus….. Give them the option of staying in their [&hellip

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