C.C.W.: Conceal Carry Weapon. This is a state issued permit which allows a person to carry a concealed weapon, usually a handgun.  Criminals, Pussies, and Liberals really do not like this concept.  After all only the government should carry weapons, not the people.

Dark Green: This is Marine-speak for a Marine who in the civilian world would be considered “Black”.  There are no white Marines, there are no black Marines, there are no yellow, brown, green, or purple Marines.  There are only Green Marines.  There are just many different shades of “Green”.  I was a light-green Marine.

Douchebag: Any guy on the JerseyShore, any guy who tries to act like, or look like anyone on the JerseyShore.

Failure to Stop: This has nothing to do with driving.  It’s a combat pistol technique taught to us at the Security Forces School.  Basically we’re taught to draw a pistol from the holster, chamber a round, and shoot a man-sized silhouette target twice in the chest, and once in the forhead in 1.5 seconds.  Sounds like I’m bragging, but this is actually a skill learned by repetition.  Within a half hour of training, all 100+ in my class were successfully doing it.  It go the term because if a combatant “Fails to stop” coming at you after you shoot him in the chest.. the second chest shot will increase your chances of stopping him, and the round to the forehead will stop anyone.  More than likely, anyone stupid or unlucky enough in choosing my home to  break into to will be photographed by the police with 2 in the chest and 1 in the head.

Jarhead: Slang for US Marine. Origin is that standard USMC haircuts resembled the top of a mason-jar.  Someone thought it would be funny to refer to Marines as jarheads.  I’m sure the first few people to use it got a serious ass-whipping.  Now it’s just a respectable nick-name.

Leatherneck: Slang for US Marine. Origins were that ship carried US Marines use to wear leather stocks around their necks as protection from saber slashing.

P.O.T.U.S. : Secret Service term. Stands for “President Of The United States”

Pussification: The sadly too often successful attempts at making men more gentle.  I don’t mean more courteous, or polite, but rather to strip them of their backbone, their desire to defend themselves, to stand up for themselves, to protect others, and to be a man.  This comes in the form of berating a guy for doing the right thing by attempting to tell him that he should just stand by the side and contact a higher authority to take care of the situation for him.  I call that being a pussy-ass snitch.  If you are unable to defend yourself, then yes, call the police.  If you are able, yet choose not to defend yourself, or protect others, then you have been successfully pussified.  Either un-pussy yourself, or chop your balls off and hand them to a female of your choosing.  This will successfully remove you from the gene pool so that you can no longer contaminate the rest of society, and will at least put your balls to good use.  Even if that use is nothing more that to make a nice rear view mirror decoration, but that’s still more use than you’ve been putting them to.

Yellow Footprints: Every US Marine knows exactly what this is.  If you truly want to know what they are, don’t google it. Instead, find a current or former US Marine and ask him, if you don’t know any then you are a sad, and cheated individual, find a recruiting office and ask on of the Marines, they’re not hard to spot..  Once he tells you what they are, thank him for his service, and offer to buy him a cup of coffee or a beer.