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Anti-Smoking Nazi’s

OK… so we all know smoking is bad… right? I mean… I’ve seen the surgeon generals warning labels on packs of cigarettes ever since I was a kid. Is there anyone who doesn’t know smoking is bad for you? Just in case… let me throw this out to you… “HEY!!! SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOU!!!!!” Ok… now that we have [&hellip

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Self Serve Checkouts

So I’m at the grocery store last night… around 9pm… I have a couple bottles of soda, some butter, and a pack of gum in my hands.. I’m standing in line behind a couple people waiting for the self service checkout. You know what I’m talking about. The stations with the computerized scanners, creditcard machine, money changer, etc. They’re provided [&hellip

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Douchebag Joeys

Being a photographer I sometimes work in clubs and bars on the weekends… Shooting drunk white people trying to dance and look cool while doing it. This usually end in failure.  Women have it lucky… all they have to be is cute… no one cares how they dance.  Men (usually white ones)on the otherhand… unless they can actually dance, look [&hellip

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