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Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton… where are you when you’re needed?

There was a horrific race crime committed, involving a Ex-Military/Trained killer and 2 black kids….. Yet I don’t see the race baiters making any comments on TV… Maybe that’s because the victim was a defenseless 88yo WWII combat veteran who was wounded during the assault on Okinawa. His crime… peacefully getting out of his car and walking the 30 feet [&hellip

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You sir… may eat a dick.

Sometimes even the most liberal douchebag politician will shock you with the verbal diarrhea they spew from that hole under their nose.  Little bitches like this spit in the face of the very men who provide him his freedom to say and do what he does everyday.   People like this forget that although our founding fathers fought for and gave [&hellip

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Bin Laden… Burn in Hell!!!
Osama Bin Laden is dead

FINALLY!!!! A group of fire-pissing Navy Seals were deployed to a safe-house in Pakistan with intel stating that Public-Enemy #1 Osama bin Laden was there. The intel proved good. They put a bullet in his head, killed his son, took his body, computer, hard-drives, CD’s, etc and got out of there. He went out the same way he lived his [&hellip

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