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Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton… where are you when you’re needed?

There was a horrific race crime committed, involving a Ex-Military/Trained killer and 2 black kids….. Yet I don’t see the race baiters making any comments on TV… Maybe that’s because the victim was a defenseless 88yo WWII combat veteran who was wounded during the assault on Okinawa. His crime… peacefully getting out of his car and walking the 30 feet [&hellip

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Upcoming royal wedding
Prince William Wedding

English Prince William is set to marry Catherine Middleton on Friday 29 April 2011.  I don’t follow the lives of celeb’s that much, but like everyone else in my age group.. I’ve watched Prince William grow from a baby into a man.  Always in the tabloids and TV.  Sadly.. he’s starting to look like his dad.  He was such a good looking kid [&hellip

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Another Crazy Fat Chick

Here’s a lovely story out of Portland, Oregon. This crazy fat chick (C.F.C.)befriended a pregnant woman on craigslist and murdered her. Although all details haven’t been made public yet, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this “Jabba The Slut” used her, preyed on her emotions, and manipulated the hell out of her. Then ultimately murdered her and [&hellip

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Finally… It’s offically solved.

My introduction to the world of child murderer’s…. The death of “Adam Walsh” I wasn’t even a teenager when the new story first broke about a missing child in Florida who’s name was “Adam Walsh”… I remember it very clearly…. my mom was upset about it, my dad shook his head. And I just couldn’t quite understand why someone would [&hellip

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My thoughts on the Virginia Tech incident.

This is another shining example of what I like to call “The Pussification of the American Male”. First off, I’m pretty pissed off that the school didn’t alert the rest of the school that 2 people had been murdered by gunshots to the head, and the gunman is possibly loose on campus….. Give them the option of staying in their [&hellip

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